Prezzy King IV is a multi-talented, hard-working, determined, passionate, ambitious artist and entrepreneur. Prezzy King IV was born in Jamaica in the late 80s and it was from both the tough streets of his community and from his mother that he learned how to survive rough situations, tough obstacles, and to dream big. He uses the wisdom that he gained growing up to infuse his music with infectious beats, creative lyrics and thought provoking statements that leave listeners wanting more. Inspired by the likes of Bob Marley, Nas, and Beenie Man, Prezzy King IV’s music easily transitions between hip-hop and reggae and then into to a classic hybrid of the genres.

Formerly known as Mixx, Prezzy King IV has redefined himself not only as a more mature artist and visionary, but also as a songwriter, and entrepreneur. Not only is he is the CEO of Hustle Firm Entertainment, where he flexes his business acumen; he also has an educational background in Electronics and Information Systems. He writes songs with intelligent, gritty and exemplary lyrics that put him a step above his peers.